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MICROTEC is a leading company in the field of IT. MICROTEC provides the best services and solutions whether inside or outside the Kingdom across its branches. MICROTEC works hard to bridge the existing gap in terms of the management of database software, whether devices and networks software or Internet software, through developing a strong set of high-technological software tools in the field of databases.

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MICROTEC ... Integrated Technological Programs that Organize Your Business
MICROTEC Technological Programs provide the highest degrees of security, whereas systems distribute security and executive powers, and control the backup, recovery and other security operations.
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MICROTEC is a Saudi Company that is proud of belonging to this Nation. MICROTEC is intended to be an active tool for achieving the Objectives of Saudi Vision 2030, through contributing to advancing the means of automation of economic systems in various projects.. MICROTEC is accredited by Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, and is considered a leading company in the field of IT and accounting software. In MICROTEC, we provide the best high-quality services and solutions. We have an extensive experience in excess of 20 years, in keeping pace with the latest technological software tools in the field of data bases, along with our integrated activity in providing POSs, cashiers and various applications; to have integrated, excellent and all-inclusive technological systems.

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